1. if there is high and low, right and left, front and back, there is a place. 2. if where there was one thing and now there is another, there is a place. 3. if there is a body, there is a place. 4. if every body is situated in a place of their own, there is a place.

[yes, aristotle. rely on the bases, even if we overwrite them later.]

artifact. built people. wandering place.

of wilderness only boots are left, so many trips around that spent my memories become, i stop to pull myself together.

to imagine a land that is not matter of composition but disaster, delay, same trails so elusive i can only remember. survival techniques are vast. handling places, behaviour, the daily struggle and dancing.

the floor is made of wood, pitched roof, built with their own hands. previewing minimal interference in the environment, for real. forest enters the house and turns it into a labyrinthine challenge that brings comfort, fun. dry in the sun what’s left beforehand, fill with water what they want to cultivate. observe.

for the stoics, the problem of place is connected to the problem of movement. a place is conceived by the transition of bodies that pass through it. as in aristotle.

( )

boundaries. is place an interlude? a position.

territorialists would say, this is my place. distinction by barriers, ticket gates, limits arbitrarily developed, generating the notion of ownership. does place has an owner?

i’d say land. a piece of land, a place. pure matter, perceived in consonance with what surrounds it. music. structure, systemic movements that meet varying routes, paths, damage, elevation. cyclical voltages, even before construction.

from limit comes reference. perhaps, of an accurate ground. then, routes are drawn, maps, myths and memories grow. families are formed, networks and coalitions organized by systems of kinship, continuities. then perhaps this: instead of fences, notions of group assimilation. contiguities, ways of doing and living.

one day, a protocol is issued, stepping over any notion of habit, even care. foreigners are those who won’t take part in decisions. mounts grant demolition of the land, buildings replacement. they say, “it is modernity!”. purposeless horseshoes, crack the ground.

the fearless take front. “it’s for a sense of belonging, for the rights kicked away. and where to build, then?” some lives. some rest. habits, so electric they float. pass through walls, break areas, spreading flowers wherever they go.